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The original “Bounce Free” Sports Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”

Sports Bra

"Bounce Free" Sports Bra

Finally, a sports bra that works. Why wear 2 or 3 sports bras that just ride around and chafe and still don’t work?The Bounce Free! is three layers of material, sewn together down by the zipper, under the breast, and up under the arm – the top is attached by Velcro.

This “Adjust a Fit” feature allows you to custom fit your bra for hold and support depending upon the activity you plan to do.

Very comfortable, and supportive. It is a compression bra, which is what the doctors say we need – to hold the breast firmly to the chest – to protect the ligaments.

Zipper front – so you don’t have to wrestle your way into and OUT of it. Wide straps so they don’t cut into your shoulders. Racer back, so you don’t worry about the straps falling down, and you can concentrate on the sport you are doing.

No inner seams, or underwires to bind or chafe. Breathable Material to wick moisture away from your body. Handsome and stylish. No need for a cover-up. 6 sizes.

The original “Bounce Free” training Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”

Training Bra-Black03

"Bounce Free" Training Bra

Comfortable, supportive and adjustable.

This patented feature allows adjustment as your breasts grow.

Just move the Velcro down on the straps as your cup size gets larger.

The original “Bounce Free” Mastectomy Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”

Mastectomy Bra

"Bounce Free" Mastectomy Bra

The Bounce Free! has been found to be a super, special bra for Cancer Survivors.

It is well made, and can support your prosthesis.

We have many women who are doing the “Race for Women” wearing the Bounce Free! They are all extremely happy with the fit, and the coverage. Check us out.

The original “Bounce Free” Nursing Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”


"Bounce Free" Nursing Bra

Comes in white/tech only

Same great qualities of our regular Bounce Free! sport bra.

Zipper Front, Racer Back, Wide Straps. Velcro at top of straps allows you to “Adjust a Fit” to hold and support depending upon the activity you plan to do.

Use the Velcro on the straps to “Adjust a Fit”, and also to bring down the cup to allow for nursing your wonderful baby.

Two layers of material helps to protect your nipples, and to “soak up” leakage.

Available in White for under blouse.

The original “Bounce Free” Pain Management Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”

Pain Management Bra

"Bounce Free" Pain Management Bra

Wearing the Bounce Free! patented sportsbra will help to alleviate your pain in your back, shoulder and breats.

The wide straps help to eliminate the cutting into the shoulders that many bras cause.

The racer back and wide coverage of the back of the bra give a good feeling of support. The “Adjust a Fit” (TM) feature allows you to adjust the compression for whatever activity you are going to do. It also helps to “hold” the breasts to keep from pain.

The original “Bounce Free” Post Operative Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works.”

Post Operative Bra

"Bounce Free" Post Operative Bra

Comes in tech only

Get two – so you can wash one while wearing the other.

The Doctors suggest one Black, for immediately after surgery. The White one you can use later when you go out, under a light colored shirt / blouse.

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“Thanks! All the players are loving the Bounce Free! bra. No worries (or pain) as we run the bases and head for home plate.”

- Jane McEvens, AL

” …. enjoy all the sports that I am active in without having to worry about my breasts being sore afterwards.”

- Susan – Chicago, IL
“The Bounce Free! is the only bra that gives me the support needed to participate in running, soccer & mountain bike riding.

It has proved to be a life saver !!
- Shawn Whyte – MT