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Front Closure Sports Bra

Looking for a front closure sports bra?   Your front closure sports bra needs can be met here.  Our sports bra collection comes in black or white, and in 7 sizes – from a 28A , all the way up to plus sizes.   We even have front closure sports bras to fit 48 – 50 DDD.   We also offer the very popular size of 32 – 34 C D DD, again, in black or white.

Our  front closure sports bra uses a self locking zipper.  Our Bounce Free! sports bra is completely lined behind the zipper, so even though it is a plastic zipper,  it does not touch your body.  This lining  is also a bit longer than the zipper, so the bottom of the zipper will not poke into you.

Another feature of our front closure sports bra is that it is fully adjustable – so you can wear just one sports bra for ALL the activities you enjoy.  The adjustment is easy,  we call it “Adjust-a-Fit” – using the Velcro at the top of the shoulder.  Leave the Velcro lower on the wide shoulder strap for low impact sports, and then release it and pull it up high on the shoulders for high impact sports.   Lets say you are into riding horses………… you can wear your  Bounce Free! front closure sports bra with the Velcro set low on the straps to lunge your horse, and then use the Adjust-a-Fit to get more compression to hold and support you while you trot,  gallop  and do stadium, or cross country jumping.   No need to go in and change sports bras – the Bounce Free! front closure sports bra supports you for all your activities.

Other features of our Bounce Free! front closure sports bra are the very wide, padded straps – so the straps don’t cut into your shoulders; also, the racer back, so you can concentrate on what you are doing, and NOT worry about your straps coming down.

Why wear 2 or 3 sports bras which only ride around and chafe, and still don’t work ?  With our Bounce Free! front closure sports bra, there are three layers of material – for extra support (and, for “modesty”).  All three layers work together to hold and support you.  With no inner seams or hardware to cause chafing, our front closure sports bra is a wonderfully comfortable compression sports bra.  And, good looking – no need for a cover-up.

With the Bounce Free!  front closure sports bra, you’ll never again have to wrestle your way out of it and oohhh, your boyfriend will love you for it!!!

The original “Bounce Free” Front Closure Sports Bra only $59.95

“Wow, so comfortable, and it really works”

Front Closure Sports Bra

Front Closure Sports Bra

Finally, a front closure sports bra that works. Why wear 2 or 3 sports bras that just ride around and chafe and still don’t work?The Bounce Free! is three layers of material, sewn together down by the zipper, under the breast, and up under the arm – the top is attached by Velcro.

This “Adjust a Fit” feature allows you to custom fit your bra for hold and support depending upon the activity you plan to do.

Very comfortable, and supportive. It is a compression bra, which is what the doctors say we need – to hold the breast firmly to the chest – to protect the ligaments.

Zipper front – so you don’t have to wrestle your way into and OUT of it. Wide straps so they don’t cut into your shoulders. Racer back, so you don’t worry about the straps falling down, and you can concentrate on the sport you are doing.

No inner seams, or underwires to bind or chafe. Breathable Material to wick moisture away from your body. Handsome and stylish. No need for a cover-up. 6 sizes.

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“Thanks! All the players are loving the Bounce Free! bra. No worries (or pain) as we run the bases and head for home plate.”

- Jane McEvens, AL

” …. enjoy all the sports that I am active in without having to worry about my breasts being sore afterwards.”

- Susan – Chicago, IL
“The Bounce Free! is the only bra that gives me the support needed to participate in running, soccer & mountain bike riding.

It has proved to be a life saver !!
- Shawn Whyte – MT