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It is estimated that approximately 78% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Why are women wearing the wrong size?
-Stores only carry cup sizes to a DDD
-No style/color in their size
-They buy the size they want to be instead of the size they are
-Most women make up for an ill-fitted cup by buying a larger band size-most are so desperate that they will buy anything as long as they can get it hooked.

Signs of an improperly fitted bra
-Back riding up
-Shoulder straps falling down/Frequent adjustment
-Underwire that sticks out in the middle of your breasts
-Underwires that poke under your arms
-Tissue that bulges out of the cups

How Does a Bra Work?
The bra is made up of a band, cups and shoulder straps. The band anchors to your body and provides a base for the cups and the shoulder straps. The cups actually provide shaping for your breasts and the shoulder straps provide some lift. However, the weight of the breast tissue should not be entirely on the shoulders. The real work should come from the band which should be anchored securely to the body.

Determining Your Size
To begin to determine your size, it is necessary to determine two sizes: the bra size and the cup size.
First, take a firm measurement under the bust in inches. If the number is even, add four. If it is odd, add five. (If you do not take this measurement firmly enough you will calculate an incorrect size) This is the bra size. (If under the bust measures 29″ then the bra size is 34, if under the bust measures 32″, the bra size is 36.

The cup size is determined by the size of the breast. The tape measure should be raised so it is around the fullest part of the bust. This measurement should be taken very loose. (if you do not take this loosely enough you will calculate an incorrect size) The difference between your band size and the measurement around the fullest part of the bust is your cups size.

If the difference is-


1″ the cup size is A
2″ the cup size is B
3″ the cup size is C
4″ the cup size is D
5″ the cup size is DD

1. Under Bust Measurement = 29″
2. Add Five = 34″ This is your Band Size
3. Fullest Part of Bust Measurement = 38″
Therefore you are a size 34D

If you get a bra in a 34C and you try it on and the band is too tight, but the cup fits perfectly, you would go to a 36B. Because you are going up one in the band, you would want to drop one size in the cup.

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