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Hi – A bit of background for you. After I rode my snowmobile 500 miles in four days, I realized I did not own a sport bra that could adequately support me during the heavy pounding of snowmobiling.


I began to do some research. After checking with 47 companies, I could not find anything I felt would work, so I went to the drafting table and set about to design a new sportsbra. I was fortunate to find Mel, a great designer, who took my drawings and ideas and made them into pattern pieces.


I was so excited when the first Bounce Free! prototypes arrived. It was just in time for another real long snowmobile ride (600 miles this time!) I rode, wearing the Bounce Free! and, it really works!!! This is the bra we have been waiting for.


The ideas are unique, and I’m pleased to say the Bounce Free! is now patented. I contacted lots of gals to do the “wear testing” for me – joggers, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, water skiers, equestrians, jet skiers – and many more venues. Everyone loves it! I’m sure you will also.


Penny Jo Wagner
Women’s Athletic Group
20815 W. Coulee Hite Rd. Bldg. #3
Spokane WA 99224 USA

(509) 795-9551

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“Thanks! All the players are loving the Bounce Free! bra. No worries (or pain) as we run the bases and head for home plate.”

- Jane McEvens, AL

” …. enjoy all the sports that I am active in without having to worry about my breasts being sore afterwards.”

- Susan – Chicago, IL
“The Bounce Free! is the only bra that gives me the support needed to participate in running, soccer & mountain bike riding.

It has proved to be a life saver !!
- Shawn Whyte – MT